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Cookie Policy

Last update: November 2020. Updated for current cookies and tied to new cookie controls.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your device that allows us to remember you and record your preferences. When created, each cookie is sent from our server to your browser and stored on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Your cookies are then sent back to our server as part of each page request so that we can see them, remember you and take your preferences into account.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to personalise your experience:

  • Essential cookies needed to run the site and keep you logged on. Without these the site will not function properly for you.
  • Preferences cookies used to remember your preferences so we can provide you with the information you prefer.
  • Tracking cookies used in conjunction with third parties such as Facebook which allow us to communicate with you on those platforms with content that is relevant to you.

Cookie control

Please visit this page to control your cookies.

The functional cookies are essential for the correct operation of the site so must always be available. You are able to disable the preferences cookies (though, obviously, we will not be able to record your preferences) and the tracking cookies.

Essential cookies

BaDSquashPersistKeeps you logged in until you actively log out
BaDSquashIDThe ID of your session
BaDSquashChartsRecords that your browser is able to display charts
BaDSquashCookiesOKRecords that you have accepted our use of cookies
BaDSquashInitialStyleThe page scaling used for your browser window. These window sizing cookies help us scale the content in your browser.
BaDSquashPageWidthRecords your browser page width
BaDSquashScreenSizeRecords your browser page dimensions
BaDSquashSiteDBThe database you are currently using
BaDSquashSiteMayaModeRecords that you have moved over to the new site
BaDSquashSiteModeThe mode of the site. SquashLevels supports a number of modes from the same code base.
BaDSquashVisitorRecords that you are not a robot
BaDSquashWallModeTOThe timeout used for wall mode (which is for a wall mounted tablet at your club)
Google cookiesSupporing Google Analytics that helps us understand how our site is used
Mailchimp cookiesWe use Mailchimp to send our email
Crazy EggWe occasionally use Crazy Egg to record page usage so we can find out how new features are being used. The data collected by Crazy Egg is anonamised.

Preferences cookies

BaDSquashDampingRecords your preference on the rankings showing damped levels
BaDSquashDefaultXxxxRecords your preferences for the rankings filters
BaDSquashHideSquashSkillsRecords whether you want to see the SquashSkills tests or not
BaDSquashInfoTypeRecords what chart types you prefer to see
BaDSquashLeagueTypeRecords the last league you looked at
BaDSquashNewsDatetimeRecords when you last looked at the news page so we only show you updates
BaDSquashNotificationClosed_xxxxRecords that you have closed a blue banner message

Tracking cookies

Facebook cookiesSupporting Facebook Analytics that helps us to communicate with you on Facebook with content that is relevant to you.

Your cookies now

You can always find out what cookies are in use via the options in your browser but, to make it easy, here is a live listing of your current cookies.

Look for:

  • BaDSquash cookies are for/from the site.
  • The others are mostly Google Analytics and Facebook. Some of it caching for performance, some measuring site usage. There is no personal information collected.


You can find out about many cookies using cookiedatabase.org.